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Ronda Richley, BFA in Art Education, MA in Studio Art
Ronda has shown widely throughout the United States since 1991. Her original art is included in private collections in New York, New Jersey, Texas, Ohio, Florida, North Carolina and elsewhere. She is also an educator and has taught art at the college and university levels at University of Central Florida, Valencia Community College, International School of Design and Entertainment Art, Sinclair Community College, East Los Angeles College as well as taught art to children at Northridge Community Center, Studio 299, and the Hebrew Day School of Central Florida.

Tom Abbott, BS in Design
Tom has been showing his dimensional art work since the early 1990s throughout the United States. His original abstract sculptural paintings are in collections from California to New York and in Florida.

Julie Kessler
Julie discovered her love of creating art over 13 years ago when she left her medical career to become a stay at home mother for her daughter Audra lee, who has autism. Facing Autism, lost dreams, a terrifying future and a difficult journey in trying to help her child made her stronger., she believes that working in art helped her make it through the toughest times of her life. Her studio is her escape, and her therapy. Julie has shown throughout Florida and has received the "Florida Artist of the Month" award from the Orlando Museum of Art. Talented in metal sculptures, mosaics and paintings, we welcome her work.

Mauricio Murillo, Graffiti Artist turned Photographer
Maricio is from South Florida where he was a graffiti artist, and now has emerged as one of the most "out of the box" fine art/photographers in Florida. His humor, craftsmanship, and colorful depictions of life through a Gummy Bear's eyes has been winning acclaims and awards nationally and is now offered at Art Affair Gallery. We will be adding his s"Lone-Lee" series to our gallery collection as well. A bit more about Mauricio is that he is making a diffference with his work at The Icla Da Silva Foundation, where they match bone marrow donors with lukemia patients and save lives one at a time.

Lloyd Ryan  (Out of the Fire Glass Studio)
Out of the Fire Glass Studio masterfully blends creative vision and skilled handwork to create distinctive art glass designs. Each piece is an original, signed by Lloyd Ryan. His work has graced homes and offices for nearly 20 years. Nationally acclaimed for his work, Art Affair is proud to show his creations.

Seth Czaplewski, BFA Candidate UCF
Seth was born in St Louis (but doesn't remember it one bit), but now makes his home in Florida where he is pursuing his BFA in ceramics, and, hopefully his MFA following its completion. His work is inspired by nature which is reflected in his magnificent earthtone glazes combined with bamboo, twine and wooden beads.

Gabriel Isaac, BFA Candidate UCF
Gabriel has been working with clay for four years and is passionate about pursuing ceramics as functional and/or sculptural artwork. His statement: "My work currently expresses a fascination with the human need to perpetuate their legacy after their own death. In my eyes this can be done through art, human interactions, and of course creating offspring. Some of my pieces are visually in the process of growing, procreating, multiplying, and interacting with each other. The experience that you have with my pieces is the current method I use to perpetuate my own legacy.

Donny Waters (Art by DAW)
Growing up, Donny's teachers tried to change his "left handed ways" and mold him into a more conforming student. Thankfully, his parents saw a more creative side. Donny’s love of the arts flourished and he continued drawing through his college experience at Troy State and beyond. His art backgrund is impressive. Through the past 25 years he has been employed as an artist.  He has studied and fine tuned his talent at Troy State University, Orlando College of Commercial Art, Crealde School of Art, Loch Haven Art Centre and has been a Disney artist as well.

Paula Henderson
Paula took her first pottery class 18 years ago at the Maitland Art Center.  After a 10-year hiatus, raising her three children to school age, she almost sold her potters wheel.  Instead, she signed up for a class at Crealde School of Art in Winter Park and has been a student there for the past 5 years.    When she isn’t working, or taking care of her family, you will find her in her Lake Mary home studio making pots and experimenting with her own dinnerware safe glazes.   She is passionate about her work and feels each piece is an extension of her.  Paula thinks that art should be part of everyday life, not just special occasions, and hopes her pottery will be used and enjoyed on a regular basis.

Joan Fonseca

Ruth Caravasi

Jackie Miller

Mark Wysong

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